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We help homeowners and builders achieve construction success through design and strategic planning.

Be prepared for your next construction journey with a permit ready plan set and aligned expectations and goals for what lies ahead.



About Steve

Steve Di Giovanni is Di Gi Draft + Design. A craftsman, licensed general contractor and visual artist, Steve believes in fostering relationships with his clients, based on trust, honesty and respect. Creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional space where people come together is the foundation of his work. 

When not hunched over a set of drawings or measuring a room, Steve enjoys playing with CNC machines, cooking and listening to music. He is also a proud husband and dad to an amazing little girl.



Main Bath




Step 1: Call or Email Us

Most people know they want to renovate their home, build an addition, deck or Accessory Dwelling Unit but are overwhelmed on where to start.

Call us at 828-333-1145 to schedule your free home visit. 

Step 2: Home Visit

We want to get to know you, your home and dream project. Take us through your daily activities and routines. What works? What doesn’t? Once we understand your current relationship to your space we will estimate a timeline and construction cost based on current market conditions.  If this lines up with your budget then we are able to send you a design proposal. Once signed we can proceed to the most important step of your entire construction project.

Step 3: Intentions

This is the foundation of your design. From our initial phone conversation and home visit,  we organize all of your dreams, must haves and deal breakers into one document. We refer to this document throughout the design process to make sure we design a space that checks as many boxes within your budget. Once this document is completed we can start measuring.

Step 4: Measure

Next, we measure your space to create your existing floor plan. Once imported into our computer software we are able to begin the design process.

Step 5: Design

At this point we know you and your space pretty well and the design begins to reveal itself.

We draw multiple design concepts for your construction project.

Step 6: Collaboration

Now that we have design concepts on paper, another home visit is in order.  Together, let’s walk through each concept and visualize how your new space will work with you. Through collaboration we focus on what design concepts make the most sense for you, your home and your budget.  By the end of this step we understand what the final layout will be.

Step 7: Revise, Review and Completion

Your final layout is revised based on your feedback. After your approval, we can complete your permit ready plan set! We will send you a digital file and one printed.  

Step 8: Contractor Connect

Congratulations! You now have a plan for your construction project! We make recommendations for qualified general contractors in our network. We also encourage  you to get other estimates. 

We are always available to you every step of the way.


How Can I Help?

Let me know how I can help make your space a place to be proud of. Please include as much detail as possible. Thank you in advance!

Thanks for reaching out! We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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